Number 23 is not just a mere number. It is the shape we have found in order to embrace and gather all those ideas and curiosity that show up in our minds. It is told that blood takes 23 seconds to run throughout human body; perhaps bus 23 will bring you home; or perhaps you get number 23rd at the supermarket’s queue… we could think of several meanings, like coincidences and conjectures or focus on a mathematical basis and formulate theorems. However, this time we would rather pay tribute to subjectivity. At the end of the day, it is not about looking for solutions or solving mathematical formulae, but focusing on the unknown and wait to see what happens next.

The authors of this editorial commission are Alberto Polo Iañez ( and Ana Cabello; while Eduard Bagur ( and Eva Morell ( are in charge of the editorial project, which was born out of the effort and eagerness, in order to create a quality proposal, where detail and aesthetics are fully taken care of. The aim of this biannual publication is gathering the work of 23 artists in each issue to spread their work and showcase their particular vision on this theme. Therefore, Veintitres is not just another art magazine, but goes beyond collaborating online and holding exhibitions.

After many hardworking months, the project was released in August 2012 in Palma de Mallorca, also under the same title “23”, where the artists helped us with their personal view to showcase the publication. For further information, visit the website: